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‘Return Her Son!’ – Stella Damascus Blasted Over Birthday Wish To Doris Simeon’s Son

Stella Damascus and Doris Simeon
Even from afar, Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, might still feel the heat of Nigerian fans over her supposed role in Doris Simeon’s failed marriage
Unfortunately, that is not what transpired. Stella Damasus had only made a repost of what her husband, Daniel Ademonikan, shared on his own IG page, meaning the whole expression of affection in the caption was only an echo of how she felt about the kid. But those who reacted so far will have none of that. Check out some of their responses below:
@kemiaderonbi No wonder you always have something to say about haters. Alas is your current guy Doris Simeon’s former husband? Habaaaaaaaaaa. Also can you convince him to let her see her son . You are a mother . Think of her pain . Jesus!!!why are people this way @stelladamasus

@kemiaderonbiHow come that story was hushed in nollywood . The way you actresses behave . Who need enemies when you have them as colleagues Jesus !!!!!!

@olatitioluwaReturn the boy to his mum

@aanumakeover_orekeGod’s watching U…. No matter how U, present urself to David as a mother… Later, he will definitely go nd meet his mum, U can only snatch @doriskere husband, U can never snatch her son forever….. If ur husband den is late, why not marry a divorcee or a widower why dat lady’s husband??? I don’t like saying I hate or dislike people but I hate U, I just dislike ur ways, I just totally hate U

@kemiaderonbiPlease build up the campaign @instablog so @doriskere can see her son 7 years 😫😫😫😫That bit I am sure you can do (convince him so she can see her son) @stelladamasus

@adedigold01U know d pain of losing a husband,@doriskere losses her husband n son to u,I don’t know what really happened between them but u r not supposed to b d 1 to do dis,elopping with her husband,anyway I believe life know how to treat itself n karma will definitely knock on your door soonest,return David back to his mum,Dat is d only right thing to do,you r also a mother..

@lovelyn.andrewPls send Vote Efe to 32052

@obianujunwa_nzediegwuKindly return her son..This is wickedness

@christy_ikpoBut why posting the boy’s pic here….This is so wrong please.kindly remove him from you guys drama Ma’am

@dab221Why post his photo to wish him Happy Birthday but Hide your own Children’s photos?Please bring down his photo Madam Stella and protect him the way you protect your Daughters..dont bring this beautiful child into this mess please..This is another woman’s son,please respect that!.THIS IS WRONG!

@dab221☝️☝️☝️ I totally I agree with the statement copied from Stella …Don’t involve this child in this messy situation

@kemiaderonbiI agree but the important point is also as a Christian why separate mother and child for 7 years. Should we wish same to her daughters . Somehow something will happen that will make her not see them for 7 years.


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