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John Dumelo Rains Abuse on Men Who Cares For Lover More Than Their Wife

Handsome Ghanaian actor John Dumelo yesterday gave five valentine tips on how a man should treat a woman.

What really got the attention of many was his last tip where he said that if she is not the only one, still treat her with respect.

What is he trying to pull? Is he encouraging men to have lovers outside wedlock but still give attention to their woman?

No woman wants to hear that her husband has a side chick. Anyway it is a good advice because some men pay more attention to their side chick more than their own wife and that was what John Dumelo condemned.

He said that God will punish any man who will give his wife $200 and his girlfriend $1000.

Check out the five tips below.

1. Give her attention, she loves it

2. Listen to her even if you are not in the mood. She will eventually fall asleep.

3. Don’t tell her she’s become fat…tell her you both need to start gyming. (That’s a much much better way of saying she’s put on weight)

4. When women get angry, they will insult even your ancestors, my brother, take it in good faith.

5. Even if she’s not the only one, treat her with respect. Don’t give your girlfriend $1000 and your wife $200. God will punish you.

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