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If You Have Stolen Nigeria Money, You Will Be in Trouble This Year- Bishop Mike Okonkwo

The Redeemed Evangelical Mission, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, has said that treasury looters and those who want to destabilize Nigeria will face troubles in 2017.

Okonkwo said, “There will be more problems for those who have looted the treasury in this country in 2017. There is also enormous hope for a turnaround for people who will come to God for the solution.

“I know that presently those who have, one way or the other, destabilised the country, there will be more problem for them. There will be a demand from the government that they should return the money they looted.

“There will be more demands; so problems will be enormous for those who have been troubling this nation over the years. But for those who look unto God, there is a turnaround. They will experience God in a new way because God himself will do certain things that ordinarily human mind cannot comprehend. 2017 is a year of new things.”

He added, “One of the challenges the Federal Government is presently having is that they (Buhari and members of his government) are not speaking as they should speak. My advice to them is if Nigerians will continue to have confidence in them, they should speak out on what they are doing, what are the challenges they are passing through; and the solutions they are expecting? These are some of the things that will make people have confidence in them.

“Presently, people are losing confidence in the government. For instance, the issue of the Southern Kaduna, we expected the Federal Government to have said something about it; but they are not saying anything. So, people in the country have the feeling that the government is giving tacit support to what is going on. So, they must come out plainly and tell the citizens what they are doing. If they don’t, people will lose confidence in government.”

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