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I Am Afraid Of Talking About Marriage- Lateef Adedimeji

Lateef Adedimeji  comes from a very deep Muslim background and there is no actor in his family. When he started acting,  he was always telling his dad lies, because he believed in education and wanted every one of us to be well educated.

However,  one day he was doing rehearsals on my own and he had earlier told him,” I had a paper presentation. He called me and told me he would like to watch me do the presentation. I was surprised and he asked of the time and address, which, I reluctantly gave him.”

He explained “I quickly went to my director to inform him ahead about what had happened. I told my director to get prepared to house me, in case my dad comes to the place and he became furious with me. I was really scared because, I didn’t know what could happen when he came around. Fortunately, for me everyone encouraged me. He came and when we were done, he asked me, “Is that what you have been doing? Papa Ajasco? He just told me he was going home and that was it.

He has a strong bond with his mum “I don’t know really. Naturally, I love snuggling around her ever since I was a child. I call myself omo ologbo , because I love to snuggle and cuddle my mum a lot. Even as old as I am now, I still do it. I think it could be because at a time, my dad went back to school when we were much younger and we were all left with her. So, we are so used to seeing her all the time then. Let me say, we started building that bond when my dad went back to school.

He is scared of talking about marriage “I am always scared of it o! But I think I am very close. If I say next month, people will be on the lookout but I am that close.

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