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How To Revive Your Wife’s Interest In Marital Relations Even If She’s Suffered Sexual Abuse As A Young Woman.

How To Revive Your Wife’s Interest In Marital Relations Even If She’s Suffered Sexual Abuse As A Young Woman.


Jon’s Revival Story

Jon actually had it comparatively easy. Leslie enjoys her orgasms, so they began with a good sexual foundation. Like most women, after the love chemicals wear off and they are taxed with child rearing and careering, it’s simply a matter of patience to get her aroused.

In Jon’s case, “stealth mode” wouldn’t be appropriate.” He needs to talk to Leslie about his hopes and desires for their sex life and support her in removing the “abuse obstacle” forever. He used Vulnerability and Vision (two of the 4 Keys to Seduction) and set a standard for what he wants to give and receive sexually with Leslie.

Mix and match the techniques.
Easily personalize the advice to your needs.

He wanted more frequent lovemaking and for Leslie to be free, once and for all, from the specter of her childhood abuse.

He drives her to and from her weekly therapist appointment. He’s WITH her. She’s not willing to slow down for a sexual speed bump any longer. (Overcoming Resistance)

Once he understood the 4 Things a Woman Needs, miraculous changes happened  in his marriage. It was a blinding flash of light, an “aha!” moment, an epiphany… He never considered that the biological decline of hormones could be THAT powerful.

Without Oxytocin coursing through her system, it was like she got neutered.

He believed that she truly wanted to be intimate with him, she just needed her man to help her get back to herself. He had to get to the point where he drew that line in the sand and offered to help her become the woman he knew was inside.

He selected the positive psychology techniques from Revive Her Drive that he knew would work well on Leslie. Now she’s so delightfully affectionate because he’s always keeping her simmering with seduction techniques and he’s devoting the time it takes to arouse her properly.

Their sex is incredibly satisfying and saturated with a depth of love that comes from years of raising a family together.

Jon’s even accelerating their sexual growth with Positive Feedback Loops that reward her progress. He’s learned how to use the other 2 Keys to Seduction, Erotic Vigilance (he’s paying attention to her) to make her Small Offers to which Leslie says, “Yes!”

She can’t stop thinking about him all day long, waiting impatiently for him to get home. She loves the things he’s saying to her. It’s like they’re newlyweds. (Erotic Communication)

When he gets home, he is motivated to help her get the kids to bed so they can relax and play together. Since he started focusing on bringing pleasure into their lives instead of focusing on his lack of sex, they’ve been having so much more fun. (Female Psychology)

And now that Jon teases her sensually during the day and sloooowly fills her up with his touch at night, she has sweetly opened to him. More than that, she’s purring and he knows, with all he’s doing, it will soon be a roar.


Why this revival system might work for you too.

Can it really be as simple as understanding and using the Four Elements of Revival?

Can Ivan, SemperFi and Jon do what Robert did? Or is what they must do different?

Is it replicable?

Will it work for their wives and girlfriends?

YES.   Unequivocally, yes.

When you personally customize a combination of the Four Elements of Revival, for your individual relationship, it will thaw nearly any woman, no matter how long it’s been since she’s felt sexual.

Positive psychology powerfully reverses the effects of the decline of love hormones. Incorporating that with seduction techniques and advanced SENSUAL mastery tactics are the magic combination for nearly every relationship, no matter how bad you think your situation is.

You may not need to bolster all four of these in your relationship, but it might be even better when you do.

Let’s work with the assumption that you want to “fire on all cylinders” and that you are interested in knowing how these four components work together to revitalize her sensuality. You will move her toward being a very sexy woman, either for the first time or once again.

This plan of action assumes:

1)   You want a better sex life with her

2)   You formerly had a reasonable enough connection with her that you believe she has the potential to feel good sexually and you’ve seen proof of her ability to enjoy sex (even if it’s been a tremendously long time since that has occurred.)

1)   You are willing to learn new skills and put focus on her to get the reward of recreating intimacy and sensuality with her, including letting go of any residual anger or rejection you’ve been feeling

1)   You’d love nothing more than to not only get her back where she used to be sexually-speaking, but you’d like to move her toward an ever increasing hot, juicy sex life with you

If you have a history of some acceptable sex (when you first got together) and no major health issues (we address aging issues) then you are ready to revive her sex drive. **

Guys who have sharp Vision know how to rebound if they don’t get the response they’re seeking.

When you  have several ideas mapped out, you’re confident.

As the husband, it is your job to lead her to her sensual potential.

The Four Elements of Revival – which are the four easy and fun steps within Revive Her Drive that you take to turn her back on and get her to enjoy making love frequently again – are used to see where you must put their attention to fix your specific sexless situation.

The 4 Elements have mix and match concepts so you can right-size them to your marriage.

Jon used the positive psychological strategies that give his wife what she wants, what she needs, to feel and be sexual again:

  • attention,
  • masculine feminine balance,
  • psycho-emotional rewards,
  • techniques to open her to her sensuality, understanding of a woman’s physical arousal networks
  • and at least a hundred great ideas to bring her closer to you, to ignite that spark of chemistry again.


How long does the revival take?

  • You will see again the powerful forces of love that exist in your connection with your woman almost immediately.


  • You will uncover the psychological reasons she resists and learn how tenderness gets her to surrender to her sensual self again in a matter of weeks or months.


  • You’ll free yourself (and annoy her less) from your hungry sex-bunny feeling. And you’ll both learn how to share in a mutual turn-on that brings pleasure (and relief!) to both of you straight away.


  • Best of all, these “psycho-emotional tools” quickly and easily reawaken the passionate girl you first dated. They are logical and easy to apply instantaneously, from where ever you are now…….

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