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How Do We Teach Kids to Use Smartphones Safely?

Most students use smartphones with unfiltered access to the Internet. Even worse, many students have no filter when they consider what they should share. Schools and parents need to get smart about how they talk to kids about smartphones.


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In today’s show, we talk with digital citizenship pioneer, Dr. Mike Ribble, about a cutting-edge issue: student smartphone use. How should we talk about them with kids? How do we open lines of communication? Let’s focus on smartphones and get educated about what we should do to help keep kids safe from the world and from their own childish irresponsibility.


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  • A lot of times teachers become one of the last ones that know what is really going on.
  • As teachers, we should really talk about what is appropriate, what should we be doing, how should we be doing it, and if there are problems — how do we talk about that?
  • We need to show them….we want you to do this in the right way
  • Respecting others….there are private things we don’t need to share about other people.
  • We need to help kids know that what they do online can hurt people in the real world.

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