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“How Can I Be More Romantic?”

The 3 Most Effective Romance Ideas To Deepen Physical Intimacy With Your Wife

Do you want to get closer to your wife? Do you want to have more frequent marital relations? Making her direct offers for physical intimacy can backfire because they can feel too hurried, too blunt to arouse a typical woman’s desire.

Women’s arousal is like a fire. You light small bits of wood and slowly feed her flames with increasingly larger logs until you have those flames roaring!.

Women prefer to be romanced through their heart and mind first, before touching their bodies or offering them lovemaking. If you rush her she will shrink away (rather than move toward you).

Start With These 5 Romantic Gestures
There are five kinds of romantic gestures women appreciate most. Three of the five are shortcuts to more physical intimacy, not just romantic love. Don’t over think the way you woo her. Just take action and watch her respond. It’s easy to make your lady feel your romance with these very simple, no cost gestures.

  1. Mindfulness: This mean putting attention… your focus on her.
  2. Sensate Connection: This is any activity that calls into play her sense of touch, taste and sound or smell.
  3. Playful Adventure: This are those new, exciting and slightly dangerous activities.
  4. Erotic Communication: These are verbal appreciation and speaking to her in a sensual way.
  5. Declarations: These are proclamations or announcements you give to her.

Begin by choosing one gesture from this list and personalize the ideas for your situation. Mindfulness, Sensate Connection, Playful Adventure, Erotic Communication and Declarations are the 5 Pillars of Passion!
You do not need to make it difficult or over-complicate your efforts. Romancing your woman can be dumb-simple and powerfully effective.

The Most Seductive Romantic Gestures
The following types of romantic actions score you the most points and make the biggest impact, though every romantic act is appreciated by your wife.

The specific romantic acts below are the most seductive kinds I could give you here. If you are trying to rekindle your physical intimacy, the most effective romantic activities are:

Playful Adventure, Erotic Communication and Sensate Connection

The exciting nature of being taken someplace new gets her.

“Love Chemicals” pumping and her body floods with hormones like Oxytocin and Dopamine which bond her and make her feel closer to you.

Playful Adventure Ideas

  • Take her on a hike or walk in nature.
  • Row her in a boat on a lake.
  • Take her to a flower garden or museum.

No matter where you go, hold her door, hold her hand, put your hand on the small of her back, give her little kisses and pay close attention to her.

Arrange playful adventures that allow you to show your masculine side. This will encourage her feminine side to come out and play, creating the polarity or magnetism of the opposites that will attract her toward you and increase her “Love Chemicals.”
Erotic Communication

Most women love to HEAR your appreciation and to be told they are loved. Verbal loving is more important to women than men so you have to make an effort to tell her the things you love about her.

  • Tell her how beautiful she is and give her specifics about what it is that you find most sexy. (Snuggle up with her on the couch when she’s watching TV and tell her.)
  • Share with her some moment when you two were last together intimately that was particularly pleasing to you. (Whisper this while you’re cuddling her in bed.)
  • Leave her a love note or text her something as simple and sweet as, “You are my lady, I love you.”
  • No matter what you tell her, try to touch or hold her and look her in the eyes as you talk. Eye contact is very important to women and makes them feel secure and safe.

Sensate Connection
This is the most powerfully seductive form of romance because these techniques heighten her physical senses. As you begin to look for ways to intensify her bodily pleasure you’ll see opportunity everywhere.

  • Put on music at home or sing along with her in the car.
  • Create a magical feeling in your bedroom with soft lighting and just the right temperature for her and then hold her and hug her without asking for more.
  • Take a bath together, go swimming or get in a hot tub.
  • Give her flowers that smell good, perfume she loves, a soft and sweetly sensual nightie for bed (or even lingerie if she’s the kind of woman who would appreciate it.)
  • Feed her chocolate with her eyes closed.

What you’re doing here will warm her to you as you

…evoke her senses. This is what all the most romantic men do that makes their women adore them.

Lead Her Down The Slippery Slope
You may start to get more physical intimacy from these romantic gestures if you are consistent in your giving. But you can’t expect romance to shortcut sensuality and seduction.

Your lady needs to trust you and your intentions. Take the time to savor romancing her. Don’t do it just for her. Romance her for the sheer joy of creating pleasure for her and yourself, you’ll be leading her down the slippery slope to all the loving you can handle!

Here’s how it works:

  • Romance her first, without expectation.
  • Sensually awaken her body. (The Sensate Connection romance ideas are great for this.)
  • Seduce her both with words and actions.
  • Give her immense pleasure with advanced sexual mastery techniques.


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