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Bisi Alawiye Aluko’ Husband Denies Having In-Laws: Hear What Happened



Gospel artistes Bisi Alawiye Aluko and Prince Temitayo Aluko, her husband met while they were in school 18 years ago. They  were members of the school choir and from there they became friends. Today, they have weathered a lot of crisis and still come out stronger.

Prince reveals their secret “I help with house chores because I married a wife not a slave. I married my sibling and not the lady next door. The moment one begins to see one’s woman in that light and as a part of one, helping her with household chores won’t be a problem.”

He added “There is no amount of money that I have made which my wife doesn’t know about. I tell her because I see it as a failure on the part of any man who keeps such secrets. I tell my wife every morning that I don’t owe anybody because one does not know if one is going to wake from one’s sleep. I made it a practice to tell my wife about anything that happens to me financially.”

Talking about in-laws “I don’t have in-laws; I call them my parents. For them to have a daughter who is old enough for me to marry, it means they can have me as a son. One needs to understand the equation of marriage; a man and woman become one which means as a single person, one is half. The moment one gets married, one becomes one with one’s partner and this should make one realise that the parents of one’s spouse helped one to get one’s other half. I don’t have in-laws, I have parents.

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