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Actress, Eve Esin Infected with Strange ‘Disease’ after Making ‘Juju’ (Photos)

Eve Esin
Though many have complain that some Nollywood scenes are not so real compared that of Hollywood and some movie producers have continued to device means by which they can make some scenes look so real.
Some of these producers might want to argue that most of the scenes in their movies are being removed by the movie censors board but they are still trying to see how they can play around some of these scenes to see how they can still deliver.
Nollywood actor and producer, Ernest Obi, has caused serious stare on the face of Nollywood actress, Eve Esin as she is being infected with a disease after a charm she prepared had backfired.

Eve was interpreting a part of her scripts in the movie, ‘Juju’ where she had gone to visit and herbalist to make a love charm for her to seduce the man she had feelings for but things thanked the other way round.


Click the download link below for more daring photos, viewers discretion is advised.

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