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Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, President Muhammadu Buhari Sympathizers, In And Out Of Govt, In Battle Of Relevance To Protect Principal Interests

Sympathisers of acting President Yemi Osinbajo and out of public glare President Muhammadu Buhari are engaged in emerging battle of relevance to protect the perceived interests of their principals.

President Muhammadu Buhari currently doused in talks of ill health had transferred ‘’power’’ to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo when going abroad- on Vacation-on Thursday January 9 2016.

He did this via communication to the National Assembly.

He had extended the transfer indefinitely via another letter to the National Assembly on February 05 2017.

While the President battles talks of ill health, the vice president, transformed acting, president had hit the grow running.

Despite underground tension with the body language of hardcore president muhammadu Buhari supporters, the arrangement had appeared ‘’mutually beneficiary’’.

This is until certain statements started making their ways into public space.

‘’the one credited to Aisha Yesufu co convener of bring back our girls in a classic example’’ a source claimed.

The BBOG top woman had twitter and granted interview that position Osinbajo as preferable to remain in saddle of power as the president proper.

She even retweeted a campaign to transform the acting President as full president according to information sourced from online platform

Chieftains of opposition party, People’s Democratic Party and their media handlers had latched on to the opinion and started promoting it.

‘’it is politics beyond borders as far as i am concerned, because it helps nobody but create bad blood amongst people who should work together to move the nation forward’’ an insider stated.

Digs revealed this development has enhanced underground battle of relevance of sort amongst supporters of the president and acting president in and out of government.

‘’you see in politics, it assumed anything that anything that happens is sponsored to achieve a predetermined agenda.. the two parties are now weary of one another with all these unguarded talks’’ a source stated.

Sources claim the President’s men now circle and scrutinise every move of acting president yemi osinbajo and his known sympathisers in efforts to read between the lines their actions – more than ever.

And this is said to be creating a bit of tension of sort.

‘’But the gain is that, there is an energised effort to get the President to return to the country for his presence to give his backers a psychological edge in the ongoing battle to protect his interest’’ sources claim.

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